Posted on 1:30 PM by WM

Ummm, I can haz Z-Man? Please?

Daily Vitamins

Posted on 12:50 PM by WM

Oh Troy Baker. I've always had a special place in my heart for any wrestling video you're in. You are by far one of the hottest around. And locking those thighs onto some poor soul, it's just too much.

Daily Vitamins

Posted on 4:07 PM by WM

UIW was an awesome wrestling company. Hot guys, hot matches, hot holds. Can't ever go wrong with a muscled camel clutch. The successor to UIW is now Fightgarage. Definitely check them out.

Something New

Posted on 3:43 PM by WM

I have a confession. I love wrestling. All of it's forms, but more particular to varieties in the submission area. I decided I should begin to express this interest and figured one of the better ways to benefit others would be to start a blog. All of you are gonna have to give me a little leeway, this is my first attempt at something like this. So in the spirit of things, comments, suggestions, thoughts, ideas, concerns are all welcome. Hope you enjoy.